Rob’s approach to doctoring involves assessment of the physical, the psychological and the spiritual aspects of a person’s life.

Born and bred in Masterton, and a graduate of Otago University, Rob combines his traditional medical training with the philosophy and methods arising from Dr Rudolf Steiner’s Spiritual Science known as Anthroposophical Medicine.

“Steiner’s teachings require looking at the processes working in Nature to gain understanding of human functions and disease processes.  From this broad knowledge of the relationships between human’s and the world of Nature the use of medicines derived from the natural world can be deduced.” says Rob

“Having worked for many years as a GP in Hawkes Bay and now in Masterton, I have been able to put these theories into practice and discover what can work for us in the New Zealand environment.”  There is a colleaguial network of serveral thousand Anthroposphic doctors working throughout the world enabling the practical knowlege of medicines and their application to human illnesses to be strengthened and refined.  Working together on a referral basis with therapists and nurses amplifies what medicines and good nutrition can do to improve an individual’s health.

Rob plays guitar and the harmonica in a blues band, but says his first love is being a GP.

“I’m still as passionate about being a doctor as when I first started practicing medicine in the mid 1970’s.”