Patient fee schedule from 1 July 2023


Funded Patients

  No CSC With CSC
Consult for a patient aged under 6 Free Free
Consult for a patient aged 6 to 13 Free Free
Consult for a patient aged 14 to 17 40 13.00
Consult for a patient aged 18 to 24 44 19.50
Consult for a patient aged 25 to 64 49 19.50
Consult for a patient aged 65 and over 42 19.50
ACC consult for patient aged under 14 Free Free
ACC consult 14 to 17 38 13.00
ACC consult 18 and over 38 19.50
Visitor to NZ and Non Enrolled in NZ    
Email Consultation with Doctor (ManageMyHealth) As per fees  
Telephone Consultation with Doctor As per fees  
Nurse consult 18+ 35 19.50
Nurse consult 14 to 17 35 13.00
Nurse consult under 14 (charge for consumables) Free Free
Nurse injection 20 16
Repeat Prescriptions 17 15
Urgent Prescriptions (any age) 27 25
Prescriptions under 14 Free Free
Drivers Licence (not subsidised) 81 81
Minor Surgery From (Including Materials $75) 425 425
Medical (non funded) $150 per 30mins  
Medical examinations for insurance $75 per 15mins  
Procedures / IUCD or injections As quoted  
Home Visits - by arrangement 120 100
Home Visits - After Hours by arrangement 160 140
  Payment policy is for Payment on the day of consultation

Please be aware this is not a full list of our fees. Vaccinations and consumables are not always funded and may incur an additional cost. Please enquire if you are unsure.

All of our fees are for each GP consultation, regardless if it is a follow up appointment for a recurring issue, or to discuss test results.

If you are unable to pay your account on the day of your appointment, please talk to our accounts administrator about alternative payment arrangements. Automatic payment options are available.

These are indicative fees for standard consultations up to 15 minutes. We will charge an additional fee for longer consultations, see fees below for longer appointment times. Our policy is one person per appointment.

Patient aged 14-17 No CSC: 53.00 (20mins) 66.00 (25mins) 80.00 (30mins) With CSC: 17.00 (20mins) 22.00 (25mins) 26.00 (30mins)

Patient aged 18-24 No CSC: 58.00 (20mins) 73.00 (25mins) 88.00 (30mins) With CSC: 26.00 (20mins) 32.50 (25mins) 39.00 (30mins)

Patient aged 25-64 No CSC: 65.00 (20mins) 81.00 (25mins) 98.00 (30mins) With CSC: 26.00 (20mins) 32.50 (25mins) 39.00 (30mins)

Over 65 No CSC: 56.00 (20mins) 70.00 (25mins) 84.00 (30mins) With CSC: 26.00 (20mins) 32.50 (25mins) 39.00 (30mins)

If you do not attend your appointment and do not notify us at least 2 hours prior, a fee will be charged.

A casual patient is registered or enrolled at another practice. Casual patients must pay before they see the nurse or doctor.

Fees for Minor Ops are guidelines only and may be changed depending upon the complexity of the procedure.