Minor Surgery

At Masterton Medical we have a dedicated team doing skin surgery procedures. Dr John Gordon, Dr Gerard McQuinlan and nurse Maree McKenna run regular surgical clinics where a variety of skin surgical procedures, skin cancer removal and mole excision are done in a purpose built accredited minor operations room.

Maree McKenna offers removal of common skin tags, pappiloma etc, and her prices range from $28 – $73

Minor surgery procedures cost approximately $375 depending on the complexity

Dermatoscopy is the checking of skin with a special magnifying lens. All Masterton Medical GP’s can check your skin for you, so make an appointment especially for this. Annual skin checks are recommended for all adult New Zealanders. In Australasia we have the highest incidence of skin cancer in the world due to our high sunshine hours, and position on the globe, coupled with the skin type of the inhabitants of our countries.