See your GP online

Video consults are a convenient way of seeing a doctor without having to come into the medical practice.  This means no travel time or sitting in the waiting room.
Instead, you can talk to one of our medical professionals from the comfort of your home, or a quiet place at work.
Video consults work well for routine, no-urgent matters.  Click on the image to see how video consults can work for you.

Before your Video Consult 

To get the best out of your time with your upcoming video consult we recommend you go through the Pre-Call test.
This can be done at any time prior to your video consult. It only takes a few minutes to complete.
On the device you will use for your consult, click on this link Coviu Precall Test
This will run a series of tests to ensure you are ready for your video consult.

How to check in for your video consult

For a video consult with a doctor, go to our Doctors page
Click on the video consult link under the photo of the Doctor you have an appointment with

For a video consult with Marco Mollo, go to our Nutrition page
Click on the video consult link under the photo of Marco

Enter your name and click continue. A photo of you is optional
Tick the ‘I consent” box and then click Let’s go
Your health provider will start the session

Call Tips
• Make sure you have a good internet connection
• Restart your device before your visit
• Test your camera and mic using Pre-call Test

Click on the image below to find out more about how video consults work, by watching our video.