Masterton Medical is committed to ensuring respect and due regard to the rights of patients. The Health & Disability Services Consumer Code of Rights will be upheld at all times.

Masterton Medical will ensure the privacy of patients in accordance with the Health Information Privacy Code 2020.


  • The Consumer Code of Rights will be displayed in a prominent position in the waiting room and will be pointed out to patients at enrolment.
  • All new staff, locums and students will sign a confidentiality statement (see attached) and be made aware of the Patients Rights and Privacy Policies.
  • The recording, collection and storage of information will comply with the Health Information Privacy Code 2020.
  • Documents no longer required by the organisation will be disposed of appropriately, e.g. shredded or document control bin.

Patients Information

  • Patients will be treated as individuals. Their right to privacy and dignity must be respected at all times,
  • Patient information is collected for the purpose of ensuring that the best possible care can be provided
  • Every patient will be made aware of their rights to privacy in accordance with the Health Information Privacy Code 2020.
  • Patient information, both electronic and paper files are restricted to staff who require that information to be able to do their job and provide care effectively and efficiently.
  • Staff will not discuss any patient’s information with anyone outside of MASTERTON MEDICAL without the consent of the patient concerned.
  • Staff working in areas where computer screens could potentially be seen by unauthorised persons, must ensure that patients information cannot be viewed.
  • Staff working in areas where the potential for unauthorised persons to overhear discussions or telephone conversations must not reveal identifying information about a patient. Where private information must be discussed the staff member will make the call in a private area.
  • Files of patients who have left the organisation will be archived in a secure area for 15 years (beginning the day after the last entry was made). After this time, the file must be destroyed in the appropriate manner e.g. shredded or placed in document control bin.