At Masterton Medical we have a dedicated team doing skin surgery procedures.  Dr Umakant Nagar, Dr Gerard McQuinlan and Nurse McKenna run regular clinics where a variety of skin procedures are done.

Maree runs a skin procedure clinic twice weekly, this can include:
Full skin checks and photo imaging, Cryotherapy, Skin advice, Punch biopsies, Shave biopsies, Spot/mole checks, Verrucas, Corns

Minor surgery procedure costs vary depending on the procedure needed.

Dr Uma also does spot checks and full skin checks at designated times.

Both Dr Uma and Dr Gerard have sessions each week to remove lesions, these include:
Removal of Basal cell and Squamous cell lesions, Removal of Melanomas, Ingrown toenail procedures, Skin grafting and rotation grafts

Surgical procedures cost approximately $425 depending on the complexity of the surgery.

Dermatoscopy is the checking of skin with a special magnifying lens.  All Masterton Medical GP’s can check your skin, but you may be referred to the skin team if more is required.
Annual skin checks are recommended for all adult New Zealanders.  In Australasia we have the highest incidence of skin cancer in the world due to our high sunshine hours and position on the globe.