Masterton Medical provides a wide range of Occupational Health Services led by specialist General Practitioners and experienced Registered Nurses.  We provide these services to business and commercial ventures in the Wairarapa.  We work following ACC and OSH guidelines.

All enquiries should be forwarded by email to [email protected] or the nurses can be contacted on 027 702 6410

The following services can be tailored to your needs with a quote being provided  if requested  -prior to the delivery of services.


Pre Employment Health checks

Comprehensive pre employment health checks are undertaken by Dr Matt Mills.

These are undertaken on a Wednesday morning with appointments available from 0800-1130.

Matt follows a comprehensive computer generated health assessment. 

The medicals can be streamlined to the requirements of the job – provided a job description is supplied.  Individual results remain on screen. The company receives a letter from Matt  advising that the person  is fit/ not fit  – for the position being applied .

There is extra cost for time required for medicals requiring the filling in of forms.

Urine drug screening, audiology and spirometry etc can be done by the nurse as part of a pre-employment health check – but require extra time and are charged separately.     

Exit Medicals

These can  be provided when a staff member leaves.  It could protect you or your company  from future claims.

Urine Drug Testing

We conduct urine drug testing on behalf of employers to determine the presence or absence of illegal substances. We provide both Rapid Drug Screening and ESR (more specific to individual substances and sent to Wellington to be tested) as required. Each test incurs its own cost for time, equipment and processing at MML. Please see attached sheet for details.

There is extra cost involved and we require advanced notice to control test the kits –  if a Rapid Drug Screen is required on any other day than a Wednesday.

There is an additional cost to the company through ESR or Canterbury Health testing.   

We collect and send the samples but  do not receive these results – they go straight back to the company making the request.

Before ESR urine testing can proceed it is the responsibility of the company representative to confirm the company details with ESR for billing purposes.   

Contact ESR on  04 – 9140700  – Workplace drug testing

The ESR charges allow for the urine to be couriered, processed and the results sent back to the company.  

Nursing  Services

We offer a flexible range of Occupational Health Services provided by a Registered Nurse.

These services include hearing, vision, skin checks, CVD assessment and lung function testing and can be tailored to the needs of the individual business. 

We can provide these services in conjunction with the pre-employment medical at Masterton Medical or  offsite  – ( if five or more appointments are required by your business).

As part of this service we can advise employers where they can minimise their level of risk in terms of the hazards their employees face at work.

Audiometry – (Hearing tests) 

Audiometry is a screening tool which will determine an employee’s level of hearing, taking into account a person’s health history and previous noise exposures.  An occupational health nurse will do the testing and interpret the results.  All results are discussed on a personal basis at the time of testing.  A referral to a general practitioner or for formal audiology review  for further assessment  is made where required.

Blood Pressure Checks

These can be done by the nurse in conjunction with pre – employment screening or as part of workplace monitoring.

Blood Tests

Tailored to the requirements of the business i.e. for pre-employment purposes – drain laying- Hepatitis A and  B status ,  for cardio-vascular risk assessment or for workplace monitoring  such as per and post vineyard spraying .

Spirometry (Lung Function Tests)

A Spirometry test determines the capacity and condition of a person’s lung function.  The test includes taking a personal respiratory history preceding the test. This test is especially applicable for employees working in industrial environments, where fumes or chemical sprays may present a health hazard.  

This includes advice on the use and care of personal protective  and Quit Smoking advice.

Health Assessments

We can provide a general health assessment which checks the employee’s cardiovascular risk by checking:

  • family history
  • height, weight ratio
  • blood pressure
  • diabetes screening
  • lifestyle – diet and exercise

With referral to their own GP for tests or follow up – as required.

Skin Tests

We can advise but lesions of concern are best reviewed by their own GP using a Dermatoscope.

Vision Screening

We use the Snellen eye chart for screening and referrals are made where required.

Work Station Assessments

We conduct work place assessments over a wide range of work stations in factories and offices.  This can includes outdoor work activities as well.  Workstation assessments ensure the employee is properly set up and has the skills and awareness to prevent OOS.

We also provide advice where an employee presents with muscular aches and pains as a result of an incorrect work station set up.

Vaccination Programme

Where an employee is exposed to hazardous substances, e.g. a plumber exposed to contaminated fluids, we provide a service to determine their Hepatitis A and B status.  We will then design an immunisation programme specific to a company’s needs and this can include the annual influenza protection programme.

The vaccinations are priced individually according to the vaccine type, the length of the course  required – plus the cost for nurse time for administration.

Educational Presentations:  We are happy to talk to your staff to promote safety and wellness.  We can provide information on all kinds of health issues, i.e. “tips for shift workers”.