Crutches need returning

Media release:
Hospital desperately needs crutches returned


Wairarapa Hospital wants to track down any crutches that people may have finished with but not returned.

Associate Charge Nurse Manager, Kathryn Wadsworth, says stocks are very low. “We are down to our last few pairs of crutches and are having to order in more, when we know there must be dozens of pairs no longer needed out there in the community.”


The DHB is asking people to look at home for crutches they may have forgotten about. These can be returned, no questions asked, to the hospital’s main reception. South Wairarapa residents can drop crutches off at their local medical centres.

“We often see more injuries with winter sports,” says Kathryn. “It’s hard to deny someone crutches when they have an acute injury, when we know there are plenty out there not being used.

“We really appreciate people returning them promptly when they have finished with them because there is always a demand.”

Other hospital equipment, such as splints or walking frames, can also be returned.

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