February Update

Prescription Subsidy
Changes to New Zealand’s prescription subsidy aims to reduce medicine costs for high-users and families.  You can become eligible for the subsidy once you have paid the prescription charge (usually $5) for 20 new items.  Once you become eligible you are exempt from paying prescription charges until 31 January the following year.  You can combine purchases for partners and dependent children aged between 13 and 18 to reach the 20-item threshold.  Talk to your pharmacist about linking all you family members in the system.  Because prescriptions for children under 13 are free, they don’t count towards the 20 item total.  To make it even easier, you no longer need to keep all your prescription receipts – any pharmacy can check your eligibility status electronically.  Visit www.health.govt.nz/Prescription Subsidy scheme

Smear Tests
Not nice, but necessary – and now a whole lot easier!
None of us like to book, wait and pay for our smear tests – so the news that there is now an easier way is always welcome!  By booking your smear test with a trained nurse at Masterton Medical, you will usually find you achieve a shorter wait and pay only $28, which is less than a GP consultation fee.  If you don’t need to see a doctor for any other reason, consider booking your next smear with a nurse.

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